Youth Coach Apprentice program

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Youth Coach Apprentice Program

Who? For youth age 13-18 who have a love of baseball but are not currently committed to a team

When? We have 4 programs where youth can apply:
Spring (Feb through early June, tryouts in early Jan)
Fall (Labor Day through mid November)
Seniors (Memorial Day through July)
Challenger (Spring season on Sundays)

What? Youth coaches will be assistant coaches, with an experienced
NOLL/SOLL coaching staff as mentors. The youth coach will learn the
basics of building a practice plan, developing player skills through
drills and stations at practices and preparing a fair and balanced game
lineup. NOLL/SOLL is a league focused on player development, running a
good practice is a key element of our program and will be the focus of
this program.

Coaches age 13-14 will often be paired with coaches at the Majors or
Intermediate level. Older or returning coaches will be paired with
coaches at the Juniors or Seniors level. Some returning coaches may be
given a manager role at the Juniors level (usually for youth age 17-18
who can commit to an larger role).

How? Please fill out an application online.