Junior Umpires

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Junior Umpire Resources


You must be at least 12 years old.
**Exceptions may be made for some 11 yr olds, provided you will umpire with a parent or guardian, attend all junior umpire clinics, and get Umpire in Chief authorization.

If you are a playing in NOLL/SOLL, you may only umpire ONE level below your regular season playing level. For example: a Majors player may umpire AA and AAA only. You may umpire games played by a younger sibling or relative in AA or AAA.

Junior Umpires may umpire large diamond games on BASES, if you have at least 2 years experience. Large diamond PLATE is allowed with proven experience on small diamond and Division Coordinator and Chief Umpire authorization.

How to get Started

  • Sign up in Sportability for NEW junior umpires only. Click on registration for “Game Officials”. If you umpired last season, you DO NOT need to register again.
  • Complete Concussion training
  • Complete Abuse Awareness Training for Minors
    • Create or Log in to your account and go to “My Account” under your name
    • Update your profile with applicable organizations
    • Under courses, enroll and complete “Abuse Awareness for Minors”
  • Submit all training certificates HERE!!!
  • Attend field mechanics and attend rules clinics EVERY YEAR! You can find information on the Umpires / Training and Resources page

Signing up for Games

Sign up in Sportability for games. If you plan to umpire a game with a friend or parent, be sure to put that in the comment section when you sign up. Include any helpful information regarding your prior experience as a player or umpire.

For more information regarding equipment, uniforms, FAQs, etc., there is a lot more information on the other umpires pages here.

Meal Allowance

Meal allowances are available for NOLL/SOLL regular season, league playoffs, fall season, Tournament of Champions, and All-Stars.

  • $35 for small diamond games
  • $45 for large diamond games


Payments are mailed out ONCE per month.

Send ONE email towards the end of each month of the regular reason for the best chance of being paid on time!

To receive payment, e-mail: umpstipend@yahoo.com

  • Include your Name and Address
  • List each game by DATE / TIME / LOCATION / LEVEL
    • Any easy way to do this is to go to Sportability sign up link, search your name under “official” and the date range

Game Coordinators

Per Rule 9.03(d), if only non-adult umpires (junior umpires) are calling a game, a GAME COORDINATOR must be assigned or the game cannot be played.

The Game Coordinator:

  • Cannot be a manager or coach for either team
  • Assigned to only 1 game at a time
  • Participates in the pregame plate meeting with umpires and coaches
  • Must remain at the game at all times, in a position to see all actions on the field and in close proximity to the field
  • Oversees the conduct of all players, managers, coaches, and umpires
  • Has the authority to disqualify any player, coach, or manager for unsportsmanlike conduct or language, or for any of the reasons listed in LL Playing Rules, and to eject disqualified person(s) from the playing field
  • Has the sole ability to judge as to whether and when play shall be suspended due to inclement weather, unfit playing conditions; as well as whether and when to resume play after suspension (A game cannot be called until at least 30 minutes after suspension of play)
  • Shall not interrupt or stop a game until all play and action has ended
  • Shall not insert themselves into the game except for the above reasons, nor shall they overturn any calls made by junior umpires