2015 All-Stars

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D4, S1, Div2 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (10-1, 4-0, 3-1)
Section 1 Bracket and Details
…7/2 beat D53-Benicia 12-4
…7/5 beat D35-RinconValley 12-2
Section 1 Championship
…7/7 eliminated D53-Benicia 5-3
Division 2 Bracket and Details
…7/11 beat S2-Redding 12-3
…7/12 beat S5-BranhamHills 14-0
…7/14 beat S3-SanLorenzo 3-2
Division 2 Championship
…7/16 eliminated S3-SanLorenzo 6-0
Western Region Pool Play and Details
…7/21 beat NogalesNational(AZ-8) 4-3
…7/23 lost to CentralEastMaui(HI-3) 9-15
…7/24 beat LewisRiver(WA-6) 6-5
…7/25 beat RubyMountain(NV-3) 5-4 (10-inn)

D4, S1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (12-4, 5-1, 0-2)
Section 1 Bracket and Details
…7/18 beat D35-FortBragg 7-6
…7/19 beat D53-Benicia 9-3
…7/20 lost to D64-VacavilleCentral
…7/21 eliminated D35-FortBragg at Dixon
Section Championship Round
…7/22 beat D64-VacavilleCentral 6-1
…7/23 eliminated D64-VacavilleCentral
Division 2 Bracket and Details
…7/25 lost to D59-Gilroy 3-7
…7/27 eliminated by D5-CollegeGlenn 6-13

D4 Champion SOLL 9-10s (8-3, 1-2)
Section 1 Bracket and Details
…7/15 lost to D35-RinconValley 6-9
…7/16 eliminated D53-StHelena 7-1
…7/17 eliminated by D3-NovatoSouth 8-15

Dateline 7/11 The Seniors start off Division 2 (Northern California) tournament with a win. They’re back at it Sunday at American River College at 8p.

Dateline 7/12 The Seniors win and move into the Division 2 (Northern California) tournament winner’s final on Tue night!

Dateline 7/14 The Seniors win a barn-burner over San Lorenzo and are in the Division2 Championship round carrying no losses. They will play a team TBD on Thu 7/16 and 7/17 if necessary – if you’re looking for something to do Thu night, American River College is a beautiful facility and our boys could use a little more support!

Dateline 7/15 The SOLL 10s couldn’t slip past Rincon Valley; the road through the elimination bracket begins Thu eve against host St Helena.

Dateline 7/16 The SOLL 10s eliminate host St Helena in Sectional play – one down, four to go! Meanwhile at American River College, the undefeated NOLL/SOLL Seniors take the Division2 banner and will head south to Ontario as the Northern California representative. They are the first NOLL/SOLL team to advance to the Western Region and if they can win through the Western Region they earn the right to go to the Seniors World Series in Maine!

Dateline 7/17 The SOLL 10s lost tonight in St Helena, ending their run. They fought hard to the end, and did us proud!

Dateline 7/18 The NOLL/SOLL Juniors win the Section1 opener in Dixon, beating Fort Bragg in a 1-run affair. Next up, Sun morning vs Benicia!

Dateline 7/19 The NOLL/SOLL Juniors move to 2-0 in Dixon, surging past Benicia to advance to the winner’s bracket final Mon eve!

Dateline 7/20 The NOLL/SOLL Juniors drop a game to Vacaville Central; back at it Tue in an elimination game.

Dateline 7/21 Seniors start the Western Region with a walk off over Nogales National (AZ-8). Reuben Drogin singles home the game winner in the bottom of the 7th after he and Jacob Patterson-Kohout held NNLL to a lone run in 6 innings of relief. A day off on Wed and then Central East Maui (HI-3) on Thu. Closer to home the Juniors beat Fort Bragg in a Sectional elimination game and now must beat Vacaville Central twice to take the banner.

Dateline 7/22 The Juniors avenged their previous loss to Vacaville Central, winning 6-1 and setting up a winner take all game on 7/23 for the Section1 banner.

Dateline 7/23 The Juniors beat Vacaville Central, taking the Section1 banner and moving on to Divisionals starting Saturday in Fremont! In Ontario, the Seniors lost to a strong Hawaii squad and face Washington tomorrow at noon as pool play continues.

Dateline 7/24 After Thu night’s loss, the Seniors were right back at it with the early game on Fri. Trailing Lewis River (WA-6) 5-4 heading to the bottom of the 7th, the Seniors loaded the bases and Dominic Conti’s single plated two for another walk-off victory! Final pool play game vs Nevada Saturday.

Dateline 7/25 Another day, another exciting win for the Seniors, this time a 10-inning victory over Nevada. The Seniors finish pool play 3-1 and tied for 1st place, but lose a runs allowed ratio tiebreaker to Hawaii and Arizona and do not advance to the elimination bracket. Congrats on a great run, boys! Meanwhile, the Juniors open their Division2 tournament with a loss to D59-Gilroy.

Dateline 7/27The Juniors fall to D5-College Glen, ending their run with 2 banners and a lot of fun!

2015 Recap NOLL and SOLL sent 11 teams to District play and came away with 3 banners in 6 divisions of play. None of our teams were winless and all of them had fun and worked hard. The cumulative District record was 24-18. Thanks to coaches, players and especially parents for putting in the effort to have this kind of experience!

SOLL#1 9-10s (1-2)
…6/23 beat Albany2 8-6
…6/25 lost to NOLL2 3-11
…6/27 eliminated by Alameda2 6-11
District 4 Champion SOLL#2 9-10s (7-1)
…6/25 beat Albany1 7-5
…6/29 beat Alameda1 15-1
…7/1 lost to Lafayette2 3-7
…7/6 eliminate Albany1 12-5
…7/7 eliminate Continental 12-3
…7/8 eliminate Antioch 7-2
Championship Round
…7/9 beat Lafayette 5-3
…7/10 eliminate Lafayette 6-1
NOLL#1 9-10s (1-2)
…6/23 lost to Lafayette2 0-11
…6/26 eliminated PinHerc 14-3
…6/27 eliminated by Albany1 3-15
NOLL#2 9-10s (1-2)
…6/25 beat SOLL1 11-3
…6/29 lost to Lafayette2 3-13
…6/30 eliminated by Albany 1-6

SOLL 11s (2-2)
…6/24 beat Alameda2 12-11
…6/26 beat Alameda1 7-6
…7/2 lost to Lafayette 1-4
…7/6 eliminated by Alameda1 4-6
NOLL 11s (1-2)
…6/29 lost to Lafayette 0-10
…7/1 eliminated Alameda2 2-1
…7/2 eliminated by Alameda1 4-9

SOLL 12s (3-2)
…6/27 lost to Alameda 0-1
…6/30 eliminated Martinez 31-9
…7/2 eliminated NOLL 12-7
…7/7 eliminated Alameda 4-0
…7/8 eliminated by Clayton Valley 1-10
NOLL 12s (1-2)
…6/27 lost to Lafayette 1-15
…6/30 eliminated PinHerc 8-3
…7/2 eliminated by SOLL 7-12

NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (1-2)
…6/16 lost to Alameda 5-10
…6/20 eliminated Albany 13-1
…6/22 eliminated by Lafayette 11-13

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (7-1)
…6/25 lost to Lafayette 3-5
…6/29 eliminated Albany 14-6
…7/1 eliminated ConcAm 13-1
…7/2 eliminated Martinez 10-1
…7/8 eliminated PinHerc 10-0
…7/9 eliminated Lafayette 12-11
Championship Round
…7/10 beat East County 11-2
…7/11 eliminated East County 14-5

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0)
…no District competition, advance to Section 1

Dateline 6/20
NOLL/SOLL will send 11 teams from our Minors, Majors, Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors programs to the District 4 AllStar tournament and beyond. They will work hard, play hard and represent NOLL/SOLL with skill, poise and class during wins and losses alike.

Dateline 6/23 The 9-10 B teams kick things off with a split; SOLLB wins in Albany and NOLLB loses in Lafayette.

Dateline 6/24 The SOLL 11s take a lead, lose the lead, give up the lead and then storm back with 3 in the bottom of the 6th for a walkoff victory over Alameda!

Dateline 6/25 9-10s back in action today; SOLL A wins a squeaker despite some rule 7.09 action. NOLL A started slow, but came on to beat SOLL B. On the big diamond, Juniors loses to a talented Lafayette team.

Dateline 6/26 NOLL B ensures that all the 9-10 teams will win a game this year, eliminating Pinole Hercules and setting up a match vs Albany2 Saturday morning. SOLL 11s notch another 1-run victory over the Alameda A team moving them into the West Finals!

Dateline 6/27 A rough day for NOLL/SOLL. Both 9-10 B teams bow out with losses to the A teams from Albany and Alameda. The 12s start rough, also, with NOLL losing to Lafayette and SOLL on the short end of a 1-0 masterpiece.

Dateline 6/28 A mixed bag in 9-10s with SOLL-A picking up another win while NOLL-A loses. NOLL 11s also struggle and face the long road through the elimination bracket.

Dateline 7/1 NOLL 11s beat one Alameda team and earn the right to face the other Thu. SOLL 10s lose the West final to Lafayette, will face a rematch with Alameda or Albany after the holiday. On the big diamond, Juniors turns a win into a winning streak and continues in the elimination bracket Thu.

Dateline 7/2 3 Oakland teams played in Alameda tonight so there was lots of NOLL/SOLL pride on the island! The 12s faced off and were guaranteed both a win and a loss (SOLL ended up winning) while right next door, the NOLL 11s fought hard and loud, but couldn’t muscle their way past Alameda. SOLL 11s fell to the elimination bracket, losing a close game to Lafayette. Juniors continue winning; next up PinHerc. Finally – in Section play, Seniors beat D53 Benicia 12-4.

Dateline 7/5 District 4 takes the holiday weekend off, but Seniors are in Sectionals and they are playing! The Seniors beat D35 Rincon Valley 12-2 and advance to the finals. They will have 2 chances to win 1 game and advance starting Tue. Next up in District play: SOLL 10s and 11s play elimination games Mon 7/6

Dateline 7/6 A couple SOLL teams in action across District 4 tonight. The SOLL 10s advance over host Albany and will play Continental in another elimination game tomorrow. The SOLL 11s fall just short against Alameda and bow out with an even record.

Dateline 7/7 Both remaining 60′ teams advance through their elimination brackets. SOLL 10s over Continental; SOLL 12s over host Alameda. Both teams continue their quests Wed eve.

Dateline 7/8 SOLL 12s bow out to Clayton Valley, SOLL 10s are the last surviving NOLL/SOLL team and must beat Lafayette twice. Juniors beats PinHerc to earn a rematch with Lafayette.

Dateline 7/9 SOLL 10s win the first of two against Lafayette setting up a winner takes all match on Fri 7/10 in Albany! Juniors wins the rematch with Lafayette to advance to the District Championship; they must win twice over East County

Dateline 7/10 SOLL 10s complete the comeback and take the banner! Quick, somebody send us a photo! Combined Juniors also wins, forcing a winner-take all game vs East County on Saturday in Albany!

Dateline 7/11 The Juniors close out District play with NOLL/SOLL’s third banner. Like the SOLL 9-10s, the Juniors took the long road, losing their first game and then reeling off 7 straight victories! Good luck in Sectionals.