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Celebrating 30 Years
NOLL/SOLL is sending two Section champs on to Division play!
Division 2 is comprised of 6 Sections and is in reality the Northern California tournament. The winner of the Division tournament moves on to Western Region. The exact states represented depend on the age level, but generally speaking Western Region includes Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Hawaii!

The District 4 and Section 1 champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors will be hosted by District 1 (Redding). Games are at Foothill High School in Palo Cedro.

The 2014 Juniors fought injuries, vacations and a dozen other forms of attrition to post a phenomenal +.500 record at the NorCal tournament... Congrats and, in some cases, get well soon!

D4, S1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-0, 4-1, 3-2)
...7/19 lost to D11, S4 TriCity 3-10
...7/20 eliminated D34, S7 Porterville 16-2
...7/21 eliminated D14, S3 San Jose 11-0
...7/22 eliminated D47, S2 Gridley 3-2
...7/23 eliminated by D11, S4 TriCity 6-15

The District 4 and Section 1 champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors will be hosted by District 5 (Northern Sacramento). Games are at American River College.

The 2014 Seniors finally succumbed to the daily trek to Sacramento, falling by a single run for the second time here in the NorCal tournament. Congrats!

D4, S1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (3-0, 2-0, 2-2)
...7/20 lost to D1, S2 Corning 3-4
...7/21 eliminated D73, S6 Turlock 11-0
...7/22 eliminated D34, S7 Visalia 6-5
...7/23 eliminated by D57, S3 2-3

Section 1 is comprised of 5 local Districts, including our own District 4. Five champs respresenting 69 leagues from San Francisco thru Healdsburg, from Alameda thru Winters are all vying for one banner.

The District 4 champion NOLL 9-10s will be hosted by District 35 (Petaluma American). Games are at Lucchesi Park (299 Maria Dr, Petaluma).
NOLL 9-10s (6-1, 2-2)
...7/12 lost to D53 Sonoma 9-15
...7/13 eliminated D64 DavisAmerican 10-7
...7/14 eliminated D53 Sonoma 6-4
...7/15 eliminated by D3 RossValley 4-17

Dateline 7/14: NOLL 9-10s jumped to an early 3-0 lead in the top of the 1st, then protected it with stellar pitching and defense. After Sonoma's 2-run HR cut the lead to one in the bottom of the 4th, NOLL scored got 3 more insurance runs in the top of the 5th. Sid Polston threw a 76-pitch gem for 5-1/3. Pressure mounted in the bottom of the 6th as Sonoma scored two and got the winning run to the plate, but NOLL pulled it out to eliminate the team who beat them earlier in the tournament!

Dateline 7/13: NOLL 9-10s went up 6-0 in the 1st, gave up 5 in a 4th inning that saw 4 pitchers on the mound, then two more in the 5th to go behind by 1. In the top of the 6th, NOLL staved off elimination by scoring 4 for a 10-7 victory over District 64's Davis American LL.

Dateline 7/12: In the first game of Section 1 AllStars, NOLL 9-10s fell behind 9-1 in an error-filled 2nd inning. NOLL staved off the mercy rule in the bottom halves of both the 4th and 5th with a 3-run HR and a grand slam, but the two HRs weren't enough to prevent a 15-9 victory by Sonoma LL.

The District 4 champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors will be hosted by District 53's Benicia LL at one of the best venues in Northern California, Fitzgerald Field.
D4, S1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-0, 4-1)
...7/11 beat D64 Dixon 8-2
...7/12 beat D3 San Francisco 11-5
...7/14 beat D35 Fort Bragg 12-2
...Championship Round
...7/16 lost to D53 Benicia 3-5 (4p)
...7/16 eliminated D53 Benicia 6-4 (7p)

Congrats to the District 4 champion NOLL Intermediates, who were finally eliminated in a Sectional filled with offensive fireworks! The Intermediates were hosted by District 64 (Vacaville). Games were at William Keating Park.
NOLL Intermediate (5-1, 1-2)
...6/28 beat D64 Vacaville National 17-3
...6/29 lost to D35 MarkWest 0-1
...6/30 eliminated by D3 SanFrancisco 3-17

The District 4 champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors will be hosted by our very own District 4 (Albany). Games are at Memorial Park.
D4, S1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (3-0, 2-0)
...7/13 beat D53 Benicia 7-4
...Championship Game
...7/15 eliminated D53 Benicia 7-2

Dateline 7/10: The final game of District 4 AllStars featured NOLL and AlbanyLL in the 9-10 Championship. Albany took a quick 4-0 lead, but NOLL battled back to tie. The game went to extra innings before NOLL walked off with a victory in the bottom of the 7th! Congrats, guys, now send us a picture!

SOLL#1 9-10s (1-2)
...6/24 lost to NOLL1 3-15
...6/28 eliminated Alameda2 14-10
...6/30 eliminated by SOLL#2 2-17
SOLL#2 9-10s (2-2)
...6/24 beat Lafayette2 12-1
...6/26 lost to Alameda1 5-9 (7inn)
...6/30 eliminated SOLL#1 17-2
...7/1 eliminated by Lafayette1 3-10
District 4 Champion NOLL#1 9-10s (6-1)
...6/24 beat SOLL1 15-3
...6/26 beat Albany1 19-0
...6/28 beat Lafayette1 4-3
...7/2 beat Alameda1 8-3
...7/7 beat Antioch2 8-2
...Championship Round
...7/9 lost to Albany2 8-9
...7/10 eliminated Albany2 5-4 (7inn)
NOLL#2 9-10s (0-2)
...6/26 lost to Lafayette1 1-14
...6/28 eliminated by Lafayette2 3-5

District 4 Runnerup SOLL 11s (6-2)
...6/27 lost to Alameda1 1-5
...6/30 eliminated PinoleHercules 30-0
...7/1 eliminated Albany 15-0
...7/2 eliminated Alameda1 16-6
...7/3 eliminated NOLL 19-2
...7/7 eliminated Walnut Creek 2-1
...7/8 eliminated Continental 11-1
...Championship Game
...7/9 eliminated by Lafayette 2-9
NOLL 11s (2-2)
...6/27 beat PinoleHercules 25-0
...6/30 beat Alameda1 11-5
...7/2 lost to Lafayette 2-12
...7/3 eliminated by SOLL 2-19

SOLL 12s (1-2)
...6/27 lost to Lafayette 5-10
...7/2 eliminated NOLL 8-3
...7/3 eliminated by Lafayette 3-4
NOLL 12s (1-2)
...6/25 lost to Lafayette 3-9
...7/1 eliminated PinoleHercules 8-1
...7/2 eliminated by SOLL 3-8

SOLL Intermediate (3-2)
...6/2 beat Lafayette 8-5
...6/4 lost to NOLL 3-9
...6/7 eliminated PinoleHercules 6-5
...6/9 eliminated Lafayette 16-3
...6/10 eliminated by NOLL 1-2
D4 Champion NOLL Intermediate (5-1)
...6/2 beat Albany 13-1
...6/4 beat SOLL 9-3
...6/9 lost to Walnut Creek 10-12
...6/10 eliminated SOLL 2-1
...Championship Round
...6/11 beat Walnut Creek 9-1
...6/12 eliminated Walnut Creek 12-10

D4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-0)
...6/27 beat Martinez 11-1
...7/1 beat Lafayette 7-2
...7/3 beat Walnut Creek 7-6
...Championship Game
...7/9 eliminated Walnut Creek 12-8

D4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (3-0)
...7/1 beat Antioch 28-5
...7/2 beat East County 14-1
...Championship Game
...7/7 eliminated East County 8-1

Combined Oakland AllStar Record: 34-18

Full AllStar brackets available here

Dateline 6/12 NOLL Intermediates completed their comeback after losing to Walnut Creek in the winners' finale, beating SOLL and then Walnut Creek twice to take the District 4 banner!

Dateline 6/24: District 4's 2014 AllStar season kicks off this week for Minors, Majors and Juniors teams. NOLL#1 won an internecine battle vs SOLL#1, and SOLL#2 takes down Lafayette2.

Dateline 6/25: NOLL Majors lose their opener against a strong Lafayette team and will try again on 7/1.

Dateline 6/26: 9-10s continue play with NOLL#1 rolling to another win, NOLL#2 meeting a buzz-saw named Lafayette1 and SOLL#2 suffering an extra innings loss.

Dateline 6/27: SOLL 11s and 12s both lose road games that were closer than the score showed. NOLL 11s win very big and NOLL/SOLL Juniors advance as well!

Dateline 6/28: Saturday afternoon for the 9-10 teams; NOLL-B loses a low-scoring squeaker to Lafayette despite great pitching by Gabe S-R; SOLL-B wins a high-scoring battle with Alameda; NOLL-A takes a lead in the top of the 6th and hangs on for a 4-3 win!

Dateline 6/30: Four teams in three games tonight and only the SOLL v SOLL game resulted in a loss (as it had to). Both 11s won, and SOLL-A beat SOLL-B in a 9-10 struggle. Majors, Juniors and Seniors teams all starting up or back in action tomorrow night!

Dateline 7/1: The AllStar experience moves into July with 5 teams playing this evening. In younger games - SOLL-A loses to a strong Lafayette team; SOLL 11s continue their run thru the elimination bracket. NOLL 12s beat PinHerc and advance to play the SOLL 12s in an elimination game; combined Juniors and Seniors both win in the winners' bracket!

Dateline 7/2: Lots of games tonight! SOLL and NOLL 11s played back to back in Alameda with SOLL eliminating the host and NOLL falling to Lafayette. They play each other tomorrow! NOLL and SOLL 12s played each other tonight, SOLL a close winner. NOLL#1 10s advance to the Championship bracket as the West winner. In big boy baseball, the Seniors advance to the Championship carrying no losses

Dateline 7/3: Final games before the extended break for the 4th of July weekend! The NOLL and SOLL 11s were close for several innings before SOLL broke it open to advance to next week's Championship bracket. The SOLL 12s lost to old nemesis Lafayette and Juniors joins Seniors in the Championship game carrying no losses.

Dateline 7/7: Hope you enjoyed fireworks last Friday (and over the weekend, depending on where exactly you are!)... There were fireworks on the field as NOLL/SOLL returned to action with a couple of wins! NOLL-A 9-10s advance to the Championship Game(s) with no losses, meaning somebody will have to beat them twice. SOLL 11s win a 2-1 barnburner to inch along their bracket and best of all, the NOLL/SOLL Seniors team took home the D4 banner with an 8-1 win... Congrats boys, now send us a picture!

Dateline 7/8: In the only NOLL/SOLL action tonight, the SOLL 11s take another game to enter the Championship round where they will have to beat a tough Lafayette team twice.

Dateline 7/9: 3 Championship games and three different results... SOLL 11s lose to Lafayette and are eliminated; NOLL 10A loses to Albany, but had a loss to give and now are in the winner take all Championship game. NOLL/SOLL Juniors win and take the District banner meaning Oakland sweeps the upper divisions!

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