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Celebrating 30 Years
Dateline 7/2 3 Oakland teams played in Alameda tonight so there was lots of NOLL/SOLL pride on the island! The 12s faced off and were guaranteed both a win and a loss (SOLL ended up winning) while right next door, the NOLL 11s fought hard and loud, but couldn't muscle their way past Alameda. SOLL 11s fell to the elimination bracket, losing a close game to Lafayette. Juniors continue winning; next up PinHerc. Finally - in Section play, Seniors...

SOLL#1 9-10s (1-2)
...6/23 beat Albany2 8-6
...6/25 lost to NOLL2 3-11
...6/27 eliminated by Alameda2 6-11
SOLL#2 9-10s (2-1)
...6/25 beat Albany1 7-5
...6/29 beat Alameda1 15-1
...7/1 lost to Lafayette2 3-7
...7/6 vs (Albany1/Alameda1) at Albany
NOLL#1 9-10s (1-2)
...6/23 lost to Lafayette2 0-11
...6/26 eliminated PinHerc 14-3
...6/27 eliminated by Albany1 3-15
NOLL#2 9-10s (1-2)
...6/25 beat SOLL1 11-3
...6/29 lost to Lafayette2 3-13
...6/30 eliminated by Albany 1-6

SOLL 11s (2-1)
...6/24 beat Alameda2 12-11
...6/26 beat Alameda1 7-6
...7/2 lost to Lafayette 1-4
...7/6 vs Alameda1 at Alameda
NOLL 11s (1-2)
...6/29 lost to Lafayette 0-10
...7/1 eliminated Alameda2 2-1
...7/2 eliminated by Alameda1 4-9

SOLL 12s (2-1)
...6/27 lost to Alameda 0-1
...6/30 eliminated Martinez 31-9
...7/2 eliminated NOLL 12-7
...7/7 vs Alameda at Alameda
NOLL 12s (1-2)
...6/27 lost to Lafayette 1-15
...6/30 eliminated PinHerc 8-3
...7/2 eliminated by SOLL 7-12

NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (1-2)
...6/16 lost to Alameda 5-10
...6/20 eliminated Albany 13-1
...6/22 eliminated by Lafayette 11-13

NOLL/SOLL Juniors (2-1)
...6/25 lost to Lafayette 3-5
...6/29 eliminated Albany 14-6
...7/1 eliminated ConcAm 13-1
...7/2 eliminated Martinez 10-1
...7/8 vs PinHerc at Albany

NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0) District competition, advance to Section 1
...7/2 vs District53 in Santa Rosa
Section 1 Bracket and Details

Dateline 6/20
NOLL/SOLL will send 11 teams from our Minors, Majors, Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors programs to the District 4 AllStar tournament and beyond. They will work hard, play hard and represent NOLL/SOLL with skill, poise and class during wins and losses alike.

Dateline 6/23 The 9-10 B teams kick things off with a split; SOLLB wins in Albany and NOLLB loses in Lafayette.

Dateline 6/24 The SOLL 11s take a lead, lose the lead, give up the lead and then storm back with 3 in the bottom of the 6th for a walkoff victory over Alameda!

Dateline 6/25 9-10s back in action today; SOLL A wins a squeaker despite some rule 7.09 action. NOLL A started slow, but came on to beat SOLL B. On the big diamond, Juniors loses to a talented Lafayette team.

Dateline 6/26 NOLL B ensures that all the 9-10 teams will win a game this year, eliminating Pinole Hercules and setting up a match vs Albany2 Saturday morning. SOLL 11s notch another 1-run victory over the Alameda A team moving them into the West Finals!

Dateline 6/27 A rough day for NOLL/SOLL. Both 9-10 B teams bow out with losses to the A teams from Albany and Alameda. The 12s start rough, also, with NOLL losing to Lafayette and SOLL on the short end of a 1-0 masterpiece.

Dateline 6/28 A mixed bag in 9-10s with SOLL-A picking up another win while NOLL-A loses. NOLL 11s also struggle and face the long road through the elimination bracket.

Dateline 7/1 NOLL 11s beat one Alameda team and earn the right to face the other Thu. SOLL 10s lose the West final to Lafayette, will face a rematch with Alameda or Albany after the holiday. On the big diamond, Juniors turns a win into a winning streak and continues in the elimination bracket Thu.

Combined 2015 Oakland AllStar record during District play is 15-16

The TOC is a district level tournament of regular season champs from the 15 leagues in District 4. This is a single elimination tournament, and the winner does not advance to further play.

SOLL AA Emeralds (1-1)
...6/13 beat Richmond 12-2
...6/15 (PinHerc withdraws)
...6/17 eliminated by NOLL 0-14
District 4 Champion NOLL AA Storm (4-0)
...6/13 beat Alameda 10-1
...6/15 beat Martinez 14-0
...6/17 beat SOLL 14-0
Championship Game
...6/19 beat WalnutCreek 10-7

District 4 Champion SOLL AAA Dragons (4-0)
...6/13 beat 20-0
...6/15 beat Alameda 6-5
...6/17 beat Clayton Valley 5-0
Championship Game
...6/19 beat EastCounty 13-5
NOLL AAA Rubber Ducks (1-1)
...6/13 beat WalnutCreek 5-0
...6/15 eliminated by Martinez 0-6

SOLL Majors Rockies (1-1)
...6/13 beat WalnutCreek 5-3
...6/15 eliminated by East County 3-11
NOLL Majors Tigers (2-1)
...6/13 beat Antioch 5-4 (extra inn)
...6/15 beat PinHerc 24-0
...6/17 eliminated by Alameda 1-10

SOLL Intermediate (0-1)
...6/8 eliminated by Lafayette 5-18
NOLL Intermediate (0-1)
...6/6 eliminated by ConcAm 1-15

SOLL Juniors (0-1)
...6/13 eliminated by Continental 16-0
NOLL Juniors (1-0)
...6/15 beat East County 12-2
...6/17 vs Albany at Albany

Combined NOLL and SOLL TOC teams: 14-7 and two District 4 Titles!

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