2016 All-Stars

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Dateline 7/17 After sweeping to the District 4 banner, the North Oakland 9-10s lost two great games at the Section1 tournament in Davis. Saturday, they lost to District 3 Mill Valley 4-3 in the opening game of the tournament. Sunday, they fell 3-2 to District 53 Sonoma. Both games were well played and NOLL rallied almost every inning, but seemed to fall a hit away from breaking each game wide open. Great run, guys!

Dateline 7/12 This afternoon the combined Seniors were eliminated in the Division2 tournament. They finished as one of the last 4 teams standing in all of Northern California; way to go, guys!

District 4 Postscript In 6 tournaments, NOLL and SOLL teams made it to 4 championship games and won two District banners. Through it all, our boys worked hard, had fun and left an indelible mark on baseball diamonds and pizza joints across the East Bay.

SOLL#1 9-10s (0-2)
…6/21 lost to Alameda#1 15-3
…6/25 eliminated by NOLL#1 12-0

District 4 RunnerUp SOLL#2 9-10s (6-2)
…6/23 beat Albany#2 8-7
…6/27 lost to Alameda#1 8-10
…6/28 eliminated NOLL#1 12-1
…6/30 eliminated Albany#2 10-0
…7/1 eliminated Alameda#1 5-1
…7/5 eliminated WalnutCreek 20-7
…7/6 eliminated CALL#1 8-5
…7/7 eliminated by NOLL#2 5-6

NOLL#1 9-10s (3-2)
…6/21 beat Lafayette#2 15-6
…6/23 lost to Lafayette#1 2-13
…6/25 eliminated SOLL#1 12-0
…6/27 eliminated PinoleHercules 8-7
…6/28 eliminated by SOLL#2 12-1

District 4 Champion NOLL#2 9-10s (6-0, 0-2)
…6/21 beat Alameda#2 23-2
…6/23 beat PinoleHercules 23-3
…6/27 beat Lafayette#1 3-1
…6/29 beat Alameda#1 7-3
…7/5 beat ConcordAmerican#1 10-0
…7/7 eliminated SOLL#2 6-5
Section 1
…7/16 lost to D3 MillValley 3-4
…7/17 eliminated by D53 Sonoma 2-3

SOLL 11s (2-2)
…6/22 beat NOLL 3-1
…6/24 lost to Lafayette 1-8
…6/29 eliminated Alameda#2 10-0
…7/1 eliminated by NOLL 5-4

NOLL 11s (3-2)
…6/22 lost to SOLL 1-3
…6/29 eliminated Albany 9-1
…7/1 eliminated SOLL 5-4
…7/5 eliminated Alameda#1 8-6
…7/7 eliminated by Antioch 2-4

SOLL 12s (0-2)
…6/30 lost to Alameda 17-2
…7/5 eliminated by NOLL 7-0

NOLL 12s (2-2)
…6/30 lost to Lafayette 6-5
…7/1 eliminated PinoleHercules 16-0
…7/5 eliminated SOLL 7-0
…7/6 eliminated by Lafayette 2-8

District 4 RunnerUp NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (2-2)
…6/16 beat Concord-American 18-0
…6/18 beat Alameda 25-6
…6/21 lost to Alameda 16-6
…6/22 eliminated by Alameda 18-2

NOLL/SOLL Juniors (0-2)
…7/1 lost to Walnut Creek 10-0
…7/5 eliminated by East County 3-2

District 4 and Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (2-0, 3-0, 1-2)
…6/24 beat Albany 7-1
…6/26 eliminated Albany 7-2
Section 1
…7/1 beat D35 (Healdsburg) 9-1
…7/2 beat D53 (Benicia) 18-1
…7/5 eliminated D35 (Healdsburg) 17-0
Division 2
…7/8 lost to San Lorenzo 3-5
…7/11 eliminated El Dorado Hills 12-7
…7/12 eliminated by Branham Hills 5-7

Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2016 Distict 4 AllStar record: 26-18 (20-12 in games where NOLL and SOLL do not play each other).
Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2016 AllStar record, including Section1 and Division2 play: 30-22

Dateline 7/11 This afternoon the combined Seniors won an elimination game in the Division2 tournament vs El Dorado Hills. To advance, they will need to win four more!

Dateline 7/7 In a fabulous game tonight, NOLL beat SOLL in the 9-10 District 4 Championship. NOLL scored first only to see SOLL take a 5-1 lead thru 4. NOLL staged a determined comeback scoring 5 in the final two innings and then holding on in the bottom of the 6th for a one-run victory. Somebody send us a picture! These are two great teams and nobody would have been surprised to see it go to a winner take all game Saturday. NOLL moves on to Section 1 play next weekend. Elsewhere, the NOLL 11s lost a close game 4-2 to close the books on District play.

Dateline 7/6 NOLL 12s run comes to an end with a loss to Lafayette; SOLL 9-10#2 advances to the 9-10 Championship vs NOLL.

Dateline 7/5 NOLL/SOLL Seniors beat Healdsburg to win the Section 1 championship! NOLL 12, NOLL 11, NOLL 9-10#2 and SOLL 9-10#2 teams all won tonight for a great night for NOLL/SOLL teams. NOLL 9-10#2 plays in the 9-10 D4 Championship game on Thursday in Lafayette. The NOLL/SOLL Juniors and SOLL 12s were eliminated in their games tonight.

Dateline 7/2 Seniors defeated D53 (Benicia) to return to the Section 1 Championship game for the second year! They will play the winner of D35/D53 on Tuesday in Benicia at 6pm.

Dateline 7/1 Seniors started out Section play by beating Healdsburg 9-1. NOLL 11s came from behind to beat the SOLL 11s in a very close game. SOLL 9-10A, NOLL 12s and Seniors won their games. Tuesday sees a lot of action with games for 9-10s, 11s, 12s and Juniors.

Dateline 6/30 The NOLL and SOLL 12s both had tough openers and continue play through the next week. The SOLL#2 9-10 team beat Albany#2 to continue on a strong run! Friday sees the NOLL and SOLL 11s face off, with the NOLL 12s playing Pinole Hercules at Alameda. NOLL/SOLL Juniors start their tournament up at Front Caldecott on Friday, while SOLL#2 9-10 is in Lafayette.

Dateline 6/29 NOLL and SOLL played in 3 games tonight and won all 3. Let’s go Oakland!

Dateline 6/27 Just 9-10 play tonight: NOLL#1 continues their roll, eliminating PinoleHercules and NOLL#2 stays alive in the winner’s bracket with a tight 3-1 win over Lafayette. Meanwhile, SOLL#2 suffers their first defeat at the hands of Alameda1.

Dateline 6/26 Seniors beat Albany to take the District 4 championship! Section 1 tournament starts Fri 7/1 at Fitzgerald field in Benicia

Dateline 6/25 In 9-10 play SOLL#1 was eliminated by NOLL#1 who stay alive to face PinoleHercules on Monday. The Seniors beat Albany on Friday and need to win one tomorrow to win the District 4 championship!

Dateline 6/22 9-10 All Star play started on Tuesday. The Intermediates lost to Alameda and now play in the second championship game today at Bushrod 2.

Dateline 6/18 The NOLL/SOLL Intermediate All-Stars beat Alameda today to advance to the District 4 Championship game on Tuesday 6/21.

Dateline 6/16 The NOLL/SOLL Intermediate All-Stars open play with a win over Concord American.

Dateline 6/1
NOLL/SOLL will send 11 teams from our Minors, Majors, Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors programs to the District 4 AllStar tournament and beyond. They will work hard, play hard and represent NOLL/SOLL with skill, poise and class during wins and losses alike. 2016 All-Star Rosters

District 4 Overview The AllStar tournament is a district level tournament between the 15 leagues in District 4. This is a double elimination tournament, and the winner advances to Section 1, which is comprised of 5 Districts. Weekday games start at 530p; Saturday games have time noted.