Mission Statement

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North Oakland/South Oakland Little League exist to provide a positive experience for youths in the sport of baseball. In order to fulfill this mission, NOLL/SOLL believes in and commits to the following values:

  • FUN: Each player’s enjoyable experience through participation is the cornerstone of the League
  • SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Success is measured by how much players learn and improve, both as individuals and as members of a team. Teaching and positive encouragement are two of the key responsibilities of all managers and coaches
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: NOLL/SOLL encourages the development of self-esteem in each player by instilling and fostering teamwork, discipline, loyalty, respect, responsibility, tolerance, friendship, sportsmanship, and striving for excellence.
  • COMPETITION: NOLL/SOLL is structured based on player ability. Skills development is paramount in the Minors programs, while winning and team achievement receive greater emphasis starting with the Majors level, and greatest emphasis in All Star play. At all levels, competition should be balanced
  • VOLUNTEERISM: All players and families in NOLL/SOLL are expected to contribute meaningfully to the operation of the League.
  • DIVERSITY: NOLL/SOLL strives to provide opportunities for participation in baseball by all youth interested in the sport.
  • COMMUNITY: NOLL/SOLL is committed to fostering good citizenship, sportsmanship, and responsible behavior.