Training and Resources

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NOLL/SOLL’s new Umpire Manual can be found here.

All umpires are strongly encouraged to attend clinics annually. We also strongly encourage all managers and coaches to attend these clinics as well.


CA District 4 Umpire Information

For general information about California D4 umpires visit the D4 site.

D4 Rules Clinic Videos

Western Region Umpire Information

Little League Western Region Headquarters is located in San Bernadino, CA. Umpire clinics and camps held at West Region are fantastic training opportunities. Click here for General Information and Training opportunities.

Little League International Umpire Resources

All umpires are encouraged to register for the Little League Umpire Registry. It is free and there is a wealth of information designed to make you a better umpire. For general information about Little League umpires visit the Little League site.

NOLL/SOLL Umpires Google Group

We have a discussion forum for talking about rules, mechanics, interesting plays, etc, and other issues and finding game assignment replacements. In order to join, go to NOLL/SOLL Little League Umpires Google Group and ask to join the group. All NOLL/SOLL umpires are encouraged to join. Note: This forum does not replace the Sportability game scheduling and assignment website for requesting game assignments.

Last updated: 3/02/2023 AN