2021 All-Stars

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2021 All-Star Rosters
2021 District 4 All-Star Brackets

Dateline 7/21/21: The run ends for the NOLL 10s with a 3-1 loss to Sonoma in the Championship. Great pitching and defense throughout. Thanks to our boys and their parents and fans for representing Oakland with class!

Dateline 7/20/21: The NOLL 10s get back on the right side of the ledger, eliminating Mill Valley. Next up, the championship round vs Sonoma. NOLL has to win Wed and Thu. Good luck!

Dateline 7/19/21: The NOLL 10s suffer a close loss to a balanced Sonoma squad. They’ve been in this spot before – win 3 in a row for a banner. The quest starts Tue with a rematch vs Mill Valley.

Dateline 7/18/21: The NOLL 10s continued on their quest to eat up the entire month of July by beating Mark West 6-3 this afternoon. Next up, Mon eve (8p) vs Sonoma in the winner’s bracket final!

Dateline 7/17/21: A mixed bag for extended AllStar play. The NOLL/SOLL Juniors ended their run with a 1-run loss to West Marin. A little further afield, the NOLL 10s squeaked past Mill Valley 3-2.

SOLL 10s (3-2)
…6/30 lost to Lafayette 12-15
…7/1 eliminated WalnutCreek 14-2
…7/6 eliminated Continental 9-6 (9inn)
…7/7 eliminated Lafayette 11-8
…7/8 eliminated by NOLL 3-20

District 4 Champion, Section 1 Runnerup NOLL 10s (5-1, 3-3)
…6/30 beat WalnutCreek 21-1
…7/1 beat Lafayette 14-4
…7/7 lost to Alameda 6-12
…7/8 eliminated SOLL 20-3
…7/9 beat Alameda 21-15
…7/10 eliminated Alameda 17-7
Section 1 tournament hosted by D64 Woodland at Camarena Field
…7/17 beat D3 MillValley 3-2
…7/18 beat D35 MarkWest 6-3
…7/19 lost to D53 Sonoma 4-6
…7/20 eliminated D3 MillValley 7-1
…7/21 eliminated D53 Sonoma 1-3

SOLL 11s (0-2)
…7/8 lost to Lafayette 4-10
…7/10 eliminated by NOLL 8-9

NOLL 11s (3-2)
…7/8 beat ClaytonValley 15-0
…7/9 lost to Alameda 0-13
…7/10 eliminated SOLL 9-8
…7/11 eliminated ClaytonValley 9-3
…7/12 eliminated by Lafayette 0-7

SOLL 12s (1-2)
…7/7 beat NOLL 9-6
…7/8 lost to Lafayette 4-10
…7/10 eliminated by ClaytonValley

NOLL 12s (4-2)
…7/6 beat Continental 22-0
…7/7 lost to SOLL 6-9
…7/9 eliminated PinoleHercules 9-8
…7/10 eliminated EastCounty 14-1
…7/11 eliminated ClaytonValley 4-2
…7/12 eliminated by Lafayette 0-10

District 4 Runnerup NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (1-2)
…6/24 lost to Alameda 1-12
…6/26 eliminated ConcordAmerican 21-1
…6/28 eliminated by Alameda 1-15

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (3-0, 0-2)
…7/6 beat Martinez 14-4
…7/7 beat EastCounty 16-6
…7/9 eliminated EastCounty 16-7
Section 1 tournament hosted by D35 Healdsburg at historic Recreation Park
…7/16 lost to D64 VacavilleNational 11-13
…7/17 eliminated by D3 WestMarin 7-8

District 4, Section 1, Northern California Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0, 4-1, 3-0)
Section 1 tournament hosted by D53 Benicia at Fitzgerald Field
…7/2 beat D53 Benicia 6-1
…7/3 lost to D3 SanFrancisco 4-5
…7/4 eliminated D35 RinconValley 4-2
…7/5 beat D3 SanFrancisco 9-4
…7/6 eliminated D3 SanFrancisco 14-4
NorCal tournament hosted by D4 NOLL/SOLL at Laney College
…7/11 beat D3-S5 Gilroy 8-1
…7/13 beat D11-S4 Rocklin 9-4
…7/15 eliminated D11-S4 Rocklin 11-4

Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2021 District 4 AllStar record: 20-13
NOLL/SOLL 2021 District 4 Championships: 3
NOLL/SOLL 2021 District 4 Runnerup: 1

Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2021 AllStar record, including Section1 and NorCal play: 30-18

District 4 Overview:
The All Star tournament is a district level tournament between the 15 leagues in District 4. This is a double elimination tournament, and the winner advances to Section 1, which is comprised of 5 Districts. Weekday games start at 530p; Saturday games have time noted.

Dateline 7/16/21: The NOLL/SOLL Juniors opened Sectional play in Healdsburg vs Vacaville National and lost a high scoring affair. Next up: 7/17 vs West Marin. Also 7/17, the NOLL 10s start Sectional play in Woodland vs Mill Valley. Good luck!

Dateline 7/15/21: The NOLL/SOLL Seniors clinched the NorCal banner tonight at Laney College, beating Rocklin and finishing 7-1. Normally, the NorCal championship would earn a berth in the Western Region tournament, but this year ends at the State level for all LL age groups but 12s. Congrats to the coaches and players on a great run!

Dateline 7/12/21: NOLL and SOLL sent 9 teams to District play and came away with 3 banners in 6 divisions of play. 7 of our teams ended with winning records and all of them had fun and worked hard. The cumulative District record was 20-13. Thanks to coaches, players and especially parents for putting in the effort to have this kind of experience! 3 teams continue to play with the NOLL 10s and Juniors prepping for Sectional play and the Seniors hosting NorCal at Laney College.