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Team Fundraising

NOLL/SOLL raises nearly half of its operating budget during the weeks of fundraising that runs March 1 to May 31. There are 3 primary fundraising programs in NOLL/SOLL: The Bat-a-Thon, Sidewalk Fundraising, and Team Sponsorships. In addition, team parents can supplement efforts with direct donations, email blasts to family, friends and colleagues, bake sales after school or at games, car washes and more. Teams can get creative and come up with additional fundraising strategies to meet and exceed their goal.

** EACH TEAM IS EXPECTED TO RAISE a minimum of $1,200. **

Fundraising Links:

Contact if you have any questions about running your team fundraising.

How are fundraising and registration fees spent?

We have included a pie chart of some of the top level categories that our 2016 Budget included (note this is a budget from the beginning of the year not a break out of actual expenses).

Admin and General includes things such as Opening Day, Coach clinics, Tournament fees and Safety. Fields includes field maintenance costs, field supplies and rental fees to various organizations we rent fields from. Capital projects are larger projects we undertake to make substantial field improvements, projects like installing electronic scoreboards, grass infields or our snack shack. Our Umpires are volunteers but we provide them all with uniforms, equipment and our youth umpire receive a meal allowance. If you have more questions please feel free to email or attend the public comment section at a Board meeting.