2018 All-Stars

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Dateline 8/10
NOLL/SOLL Juniors ended their run with a tough loss to Hawaii – finishing in 4th place in the Western Region – what a run. We are very proud of our Juniors and Seniors for such a long run in the All-Star tournament.

Dateline 7/29
The Juniors break open a tense, scoreless game with 9 runs in the 4th of a trio of Alaskan pitchers. Our boys are 2-0 and Arizona is waiting for game3 on Tuesday (230p)

Dateline 7/28
Short a few players is no problem for the Juniors who open up a lead and hang on for a 6-4 win over Washington! 1-0 in Western Region; next up: Alaska!

Dateline 7/24
The Seniors’ run comes to an end with a loss to Redondo Beach. Congrats on a great run! Next up, the Juniors start their run at the Western Region this weekend!

Dateline 7/23
The Seniors lost to a very strong Central Maui (HI) team 9-1, putting them into a 7/24 rematch with Redondo Beach, this time in the elimination bracket final.

Dateline 7/21
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors take the NorCal banner with a 9-4 win over a very good Feather River team! The Juniors advance to Western Region, hosted at Cambrian Park LL in San Jose. Game 1 vs Washington on 7/28. Meanwhile, in Sacramento the Seniors took an early lead vs Redondo Beach (SoCal) and then hung on for a 4-3 win. Next up, Central Maui (HI) 7/23.

Dateline 7/20
The NOLL/SOLL Seniors start their Western Region with a solid 7-0 win over Sunnyside (Tucson, AZ). Next up, Redondo Beach (SoCal) on Sat at 8p.

Dateline 7/18
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors are the last undefeated team at the Northern CA state championship, downing Feather River LL 10-8. The Juniors (3-0) now wait to see who they will play in the Championship Round in Salinas. Whoever advances to face them will have to beat them twice. The championship will be Saturday 7/21, game 1 at 10a and the if-necessary game at 1p.

Dateline 7/15
Friday night the NOLL/SOLL Seniors claimed the Northern CA state championship beating Lincoln LL 5-4. The Juniors opened to a 2-0 record in the Jrs NorCal tournament with back-to-back 6-5 wins over Rocklin and Northgate on Saturday and Sunday. Seniors open Western Region play on Friday in Sacramento playing Arizona. The Juniors continue play on Wednesday in Salinas vs Feather River LL.

Dateline 7/11
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors beat Sebastopol 12-7 to clinch the Section 1 championship tonight! They head to LL District 9 in Salinas, CA for the NorCal championship series starting on Saturday 7/14 at 1pm.

Dateline 7/10
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors beat Sebastopol 12-2 to advance to the final game of Section 1 championship tonight, Isaac Lucas pitched a gem and hit a two-run HR. NOLL/SOLL Seniors defeated Spreckels Park LL to advance to the championship game in the NorCal championship tournament, ending on a spectacular play by Matthew Ratto to finish up the game 5-3.

Dateline 7/8
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors lost an extra innings affair 18-17 in a nearly 4 hour game, they play tomorrow in a must win game to keep going in Section play. NOLL/SOLL Seniors defeated Lincoln LL to go 2-0 in the NorCal championship tournament in a 3-2 win that was a pitcher’s duel all the way through the K to end the game by Noah Zirkle. The Seniors come back for their next game on Tuesday vs Section 6, Spreckels Park.

Dateline 7/3
The NOLL/SOLL Juniors advanced to the Section 1 tournament. NOLL/SOLL Seniors advanced to the Northern CA championship tournament. The NOLL 10s and 11s are still playing, both suffered their first loss tonight but can win their next game to advance to the finals in the District 4 tournament. Every team from NOLL and SOLL had at least one win – a great effort by all divisions!

Dateline 6/19
All-Stars play starts on June 19th

2018 All-Star Rosters

SOLL 10s (1-2)
…6/26 defeated by NOLL 10-0
…6/30 beat Antioch 17-0
…7/2 eliminated by East County 5-4

NOLL 10s (3-2)
…6/23 beat Lafayette 3-1
…6/26 beat SOLL 10-0
…6/28 beat Continental 12-6
…7/3 defeated by Albany 13-6
…7/6 eliminated by Alameda 11-5

SOLL 11s (1-2)
…6/25 beat Martinez 12-4
…6/30 defeated by NOLL 9-2
…7/2 eliminated by Alameda 10-0

District 4 Runnerup NOLL 11s (4-2)
…6/21 beat Antioch 13-3
…6/27 beat Walnut Creek 5-1
…6/30 beat SOLL 9-2
…7/3 defeated by Lafayette 2-0
…7/5 beat East County 9-0
…7/7 eliminated by Lafayette 1-0

SOLL 12s (2-2)
…6/22 defeated by Walnut Creek 10-0
…6/23 beat Richmond 16-6
…6/26 beat Concord American 3-2
…7/3 eliminated by Lafayette 15-0

NOLL 12s (3-2)
…6/19 beat Alameda 7-2
…6/22 defeated by Antioch 6-4
…6/23 beat Pinole Hercules 16-0
…6/26 beat Martinez 7-2
…7/3 eliminated by East County 5-2

NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (2-2)
…6/20 defeated by Martinez 7-1
…6/21 beat Clayton Valley 14-2
…6/22 beat Walnut Creek 13-3
…6/23 eliminated by Martinez 6-5

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-0)
…6/19 beat Martinez 6-2
…6/21 beat Albany 2-0
…6/26 beat Concord American 18-0
…6/30 beat Concord American 16-1
Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-1)
…7/7 beat D53/Benecia 17-4
…7/8 defeated by D35/Sebastopol 18-17
…7/9 beat D64/Vacaville National 11-9
…7/10 beat D35/Sebastopol 12-2
…7/11 beat D35/Sebastopol 12-7
Northern CA Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (4-0)
…7/14 beat Section4/Rocklin 6-5
…7/15 beat Section6/Northgate 6-5
…7/18 beat Section2/Feather River 10-8
…7/21 beat Section2/Feather River 9-4
NOLL/SOLL Juniors – Junior League Western Region Tournament (3-2)
…7/28 beat Washington/West Valley 6-4
…7/29 beat Alaska/Ketchikan 10-1
…7/31 defeated by Arizona/Nogales 14-3
…8/1 beat by Nevada/RenoAmerican 9-3
…8/2 eliminated by Hawaii/PearlCity 19-2

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0)
…unopposed in District 4
Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (3-0)
…6/30 beat D3/San Francisco 9-4
…6/30 beat D35/RinconValley/PetalumaAmerican/MarkWest 6-4
…7/2 beat D35/RinconValley/PetalumaAmerican/MarkWest 11-3
Northern CA Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors – (4-0)
…7/7 beat Section2/South Shore LL 17-0
…7/8 beat Section4/Lincoln LL 3-2
…7/10 beat Section6/Spreckels Park 5-3
…7/13 vs beat Section4/Lincoln LL 5-4
NOLL/SOLL Seniors (Northern California) – Senior League Western Region Tournament (2-2)
…7/20 beat Arizona/Sunnyside LL 7-0
…7/21 beat SouthernCA/RedondoBeachLL 4-3
…7/23 lost to Hawaii/Central Maui 1-9
…7/24 eliminated by SouthernCA/RedondoBeachLL 1-9

Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2018 District 4 AllStar record: 20-14
Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2018 AllStar record, including Section1, NorCal and Western Region play: 40-19

District 4 Overview The AllStar tournament is a district level tournament between the 15 leagues in District 4. This is a double elimination tournament, and the winner advances to Section 1, which is comprised of 5 Districts. Weekday games start at 530p; Saturday games have time noted.