2017 All-Stars

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Dateline 8/8
NOLL/SOLL Juniors and Seniors had their best year ever! This year both Seniors and Juniors made it to the final championship game of the Western Regional. We are very proud of the young men on these teams, their coaching staff and parents

Dateline 8/6
After a tough opening loss to Nogales LL, the Juniors All-Star team has won 5 games in a row to make it to the championship game from the elimination bracket. Behind a stellar team performance, with contributions from every player on the team – these boys have grinded and made it. They will play Encinitas LL from SoCal on Monday at 10a in a pair of must win games. Let’s Go Oakland!

Dateline 7/27
Seniors finished a great run with a tough loss to Central East Maui LL. The Seniors made it the farthest any NOLL/SOLL team has been in the LL tournaments – congratulations to a great team, and much gratitude for coaches Bunner, Lituchy and Quintella, and thanks to the parents for supporting their players!
The Juniors eliminated Evergreen LL in a second championship game to win the Northern California championship! Another historic first for NOLL/SOLL this year – both Juniors and Seniors are now NorCal champs this year. Juniors start Western Region play on Monday 5pm in San Jose against Nogales LL from Arizona.

Dateline 7/25
Seniors defeated AZ 5-1 behind the strong pitching of Benjamin Seashore Hobson and Aidan Brennan-Barroso. They advance to the Western Region championship versus Central East Maui LL (Hawaii) on Wednesday 7/26 at 4pm (with a second game at 7pm as NOLL/SOLL must beat them twice to advance). If they win they advance to the Senior Little League World Series in Easley, South Carolina! The Juniors beat Rocklin LL 5-1 behind the strong pitching of DJ Avent, Brendan Berry-Owen and Rieth Collard – with a highlight reel catch by Anand Mehta to end a bases loaded threat in the 4th inning. The Juniors play Evergreen LL in San Jose, Wednesday 530p, in the first of two must win games for the Division 2 Northern CA championship!

Dateline 7/21
Seniors kicked off Western Regionals going 2-0, defeating Nevada and Oregon. They play Washington on Saturday at 8pm. Juniors had a rough game to start the tournament, but came back to defeat Delta today and continue through the elimination bracket. They play again on Monday at 530pm.

Dateline 7/16
Juniors defeated American Canyon 5-3 to clinch the Section 1 championship on Saturday. This week Seniors starts play in Western Regionals on Thursday and Juniors start play in Division 2 on Wednesday.

Dateline 7/13
Seniors defeated Union City National 11-10 in a come from behind win to become the Northern California champions! They start in the Western Regional tournament against Nevada on Thursday July 20.

Dateline 7/11
Seniors defeated Union City National tonight 3-2 to clinch the winner bracket spot in the Division 1 championship game on Thursday (7pm, Turlock, Pedretti Park)!

2017 All-Star Rosters

SOLL B 9-10s (0-2)
…6/24 defeated by Lafayette#2 23-10
…6/29 eliminated by SOLL#2

SOLL A 9-10s (2-2)
…6/27 defeated by Lafayette#1 16-6
…6/29 beat SOLL#1 3-1
…6/30 beat Albany#2 11-1
…7/3 eliminated by Albany#1 7-5

NOLL#1 9-10s (4-2)
…6/27 beat Albany#2 7-0
…7/1 defeated by Lafayette#1 5-4
…7/3 beat NOLL#2 12-11
…7/5 beat Albany#1 4-2
…7/6 beat Alameda#1 11-10
…7/7 eliminated by East County 19-18

NOLL#2 9-10s (2-2)
…6/24 defeated by Lafayette#1 15-0
…6/29 beat Lafayette#2 13-10
…6/30 beat Alameda#2 4-1
…7/3 eliminated by NOLL#1 12-11

SOLL 11s (3-2)
…6/23 defeated by Alameda#1 19-2
…6/24 beat PinoleHercules 24-2
…6/27 beat Albany#1 16-0
…6/28 beat Alameda#2 12-9
…6/29 eliminated by NOLL 15-0

NOLL 11s (3-2)
…6/26 beat Lafayette 4-2
…6/27 defeated by Alameda#1 14-12
…6/29 beat SOLL 15-0
…7/1 beat EastCounty 7-0
…7/3 eliminated by WalnutCreek 7-4

NOLL/SOLL Intermediates (1-2)
…6/15 beat WalnutCreek 8-5
…6/17 defeated by Alameda 12-1
…6/19 eliminated by Walnut Creek 8-6

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (3-0)
…6/29 beat EastCounty 12-1
…7/1 beat Albany 2-1
…7/5 beat Albany 4-3
Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (3-0, 3-0) (hosted by Benicia Little League)
…7/7 beat WestMarin 2-0
…7/11 beat American Canyon 16-6
…7/15 beat American Canyon 5-3
Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (3-0, 3-0, 5-1) hosted by Cambrian Park Little League
…7/19 defeated by Pleasanton (Section 3) 9-2
…7/21 beat Delta (Section 6) 6-3
…7/24 beat Foothill Area (Section 2) 4-0
…7/25 beat Rocklin (Section 4) 8-1
…7/26 beat Evergreen (Section 5) 9-0
…7/27 eliminated Evergreen (Section 5) 6-2
Division 2 Champion NOLL/SOLL Juniors (3-0, 3-0, 5-1, 6-2) hosted by Cambrian Park Little League
…7/31 defeated by Nogales LL (Arizona) 12-2
…8/2 beat Westside LL (Montana) 5-1
…8/3 beat Boulder City LL (Nevada) 9-0
…8/4 beat Nogales LL (Arizona) 7-5
…8/5 beat Lake Valley LL (Washington) 8-4
…8/5 beat Cambrian Park LL (Host D12) 7-6
Western Region Championship games
…8/7 beat Encinitas LL (Southern CA) 5-1
…8/7 eliminated by Encinitas LL (Southern CA) 6-0

District 4 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0)
…unopposed in District 4
Section 1 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0, 2-1)
…7/1 beat Benecia
…7/2 defeated by Benecia 4-0
…7/5 beat Benecia 11-2
NOLL/SOLL Seniors Division 2 (0-0, 2-1, 4-0) (hosted by Turlock Little League)
…7/8 beat Turlock American 7-6
…7/9 beat Cambrian Park 3-2
…7/11 beat Union City National 3-2
…7/13 eliminated Union City National 11-10
Division 2 Champion NOLL/SOLL Seniors (0-0, 2-1, 4-0, 4-2) hosted at American River College
…7/20 beat Nevada (Walker River LL) 6-3
…7/21 beat Oregon (Keizer LL) 19-2
…7/22 beat Washington (Lewis River LL) 3-2
…7/24 defeated by Hawaii (Central East Maui LL) 9-8
…7/25 beat Arizona (Nogales LL) 5-1
Western Region Championship game
…7/26 eliminated by Hawaii (Central East Maui LL) 10-0

Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2017 District 4 AllStar record: 18-14
Cumulative NOLL/SOLL 2017 AllStar record, including Section1, Division2 and Western Region play: 41-20

District 4 Overview The AllStar tournament is a district level tournament between the 15 leagues in District 4. This is a double elimination tournament, and the winner advances to Section 1, which is comprised of 5 Districts. Weekday games start at 530p; Saturday games have time noted.

Dateline 7/8
The NOLL 9-10A finished their run on Friday losing to East County in a 19-18 contest. Today the Juniors started Section 1 play and beat West Marin LL 2-0, they play on Wednesday in Benicia at 6pm for game 2. The Seniors beat Turlock American 7-6 on a walk off to start Division 1 play!

Dateline 7/6
The NOLL 9-10A team was the only team in action today and came back from a 10-0 deficit to beat Alameda 11-10, they play Friday 7/7 in Continental to see if they can continue on. The Seniors beat Benicia 11-2 on Wednesday to win the Section 1 championship, they head to Turlock on Saturday to compete in the Northern CA championships. The Juniors beat Albany 4-3 on a walk off Wednesday to win the District 4 championship, they head to Benicia on Saturday to compete in the Section 1 tournament.

Dateline 7/4
Happy 4th of July! Action continues Wednesday with 3 teams still playing. Seniors, Juniors and the NOLL 9-10A team all resume play. Srs and Jrs are in championship games at the Rickey and in Albany respectively. The NOLL 9-10A team plays Albany in Albany to continue their run and see if they can win the West bracket.

Dateline 7/2
NOLL 11s continue their way through the elimination bracket with a win over East County on Saturday – they face Walnut Creek Monday hoping to advance to the finals. The Juniors beat Albany to go 2-0 and move on to the Jrs championship game on Wednesday. The Seniors are in Section 1 play and were 1-1 this weekend. They play in a championship game against Benecia on Wednesday at the Rickey. In the 9-10 division, NOLL A and B and SOLL A are all in the elimination bracket and play Monday evening to see who can advance, all in Albany.

Dateline 6/29
NOLL 11s beat the SOLL 11 to advance to the Semi-finals in the 10-11 tournament. The NOLL/SOLL Juniors kicked off the tournament with a 12-1 victory over East County. In 9-10 play the NOLL B team beat the Lafayette B team to keep moving through the bracket.

Dateline 6/6
NOLL/SOLL will send 9 teams from our Minors, Majors, Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors programs to the District 4 AllStar tournament and beyond. They will work hard, play hard and represent NOLL/SOLL with skill, poise and class during wins and losses alike.