Back Caldecott Glow-up

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Ball Park Buns and Rolls

Huge thanks to the Ball Park Buns & Rolls’ Ball Park of Dreams Initiative for donating funds to fix up a very tired-looking Back Caldecott this spring, and to the NOLL/SOLL volunteer field crew who put in countless hours and put those dollars to work to turn a field that wasn’t even playable last year into one that is now fully scheduled.

After a couple years of drought and a challenging rainy season, the field was in pretty rough shape, but look at it now: New sod in the outfield, a weed-free infield, new netting on the batting cages and cleaned-up bullpens. This field is heavily used by our AAA program and the fixes make a huge difference in safety and playability. Thanks to these improvements we were able to accommodate more players this year than we would have without this field.

Use the sliders below to check out the improvements or come catch a game!

Back Caldecott outfield before Back Caldecott outfield after
Back Caldecott infield before Back Caldecott infield after
Back Caldecott cages before Back Caldecott cages after
Back Caldecott bullpen before Back Caldecott bullpen after