2021 Regular Season registration

NOLL/SOLL 2021 Regular season registration is open.  General registration information is available on our website (some details are slightly different for this Covid shortened season).

We were in Spring Training do we have to sign up separately for the regular season?


What are the regular season details?

Registration for the regular season is open now.  Registration is $150 and we plan to hold the season from May 1st through July 31st (with a request to be flexible with us as we work on later than usual commitments from coaches and field space). 

We will have a game schedule during the regular season which we hope will be similar to past seasons, but with the later start date of May 1st instead of (roughly) March 15. We understand that District 4 All-Stars might start in mid-June but do not know if health guidelines will allow play beyond the District 4 level.  The NOLL SOLL Board is discussing strategies to optimize our season so that, if there is a District 4 All Star program, NOLL SOLL players will be able to participate.  We are also hoping to have playoffs for our AA through Juniors divisions although it is uncertain what these will look like or if it will be possible given the later start date.

When does registration close?

Registration will close on March 31st – just go register when you read this email if you are planning to register.

Our child missed a year of baseball – what division should we sign them up for?

If your child was supposed to play TBall last year, if they are still 5 or 6 you may sign them up for TBall, if they are 6 or 7 you should consider Farm.  If your child was registered to play Farm A last year, sign up for Farm.  If your child was registered to play Farm and is 8 years old, you can choose to register for Farm or Competitive – players who are not drafted in AA will be assigned to a Farm team.  If your player is league age 9 or older (they will be 9 by August 31 2021) sign them up for Competitive.  Most of the players in our league are in the same boat and have not played for a whole year, our coaches will work with kids to make sure they are comfortable and work on building skills this coming year.

When will teams be formed?

Likely not until the end of April.

Will there be tryouts?

We plan to have tryouts for players who are eligible for AA and AAA or who are new to NOLL/SOLL. Players who are Juniors age may also try out.  All other players we will be using try out information from the prior two years for coaches to draft their teams.  Try outs will be scheduled in the first half of April.

Will there be All Stars?

We believe that there may be All Stars available for the local District 4, but we don’t know beyond that.

Will there be local Playoffs?

We don’t know.

Are there scholarships available this year?

Please fill out this form if you need financial assistance.  If you know of anyone who may need assistance please make sure they know that we offer scholarships.

What if we don’t know our schedule for July?

If you may be out of town in July – please let us know in your registration notes.  We will let coaches know if a kid may miss the latter part of the season.  If you aren’t sure if you’ll be around in July – sign up anyway, we know that things are up in the air this year and we’ll make things work for families that are here, or aren’t able to stay that long.

What about the single sport cohort rule?

For our Spring Training session we interpreted the state guidelines as not allowing players to be on two sports teams at the same time.  The state and the county continue to update guidance on a roughly monthly basis as conditions change.  We expect that the guidance regarding the cohort rule could change and you should register for the May through July session if you are interested in playing baseball.  We will offer refunds in the event that the health guidelines do not allow your player to play.  We will work on keeping up to date with health guidelines and continue working on how to keep all of our kids safe.

How can I help?

NOLL/SOLL is a volunteer run league.  Please support your coaches and our board wherever we need help.  In particular for the 2021 year, we are continuing to search for a Treasurer, Secretary, Uniforms coordinator and help with WordPress website updates at the Board level.  We will also be looking for parents who may be interested in helping be a division coordinator (team formation and practice/game schedules).

Can we tell our friends and family?

Please!  Forward this email if you have friends or family who may be interested.  Share with school newsletters if you would like to let your school community know.

What about our Challenger division?

Due to the Covid restrictions and the increased risk for some families and players on our Challenger teams, we will not be forming Challenger teams this year.  We hope to be back in Spring 2022 as Challenger is one of the best parts of NOLL/SOLL.  Email challenger@nollsoll.com if you have any questions and want to make sure to receive updates.

You can reach the registration page directly at Sportability by going to http://www.sportability.com/spx/leagues/Client.asp?ClientID=2