Little League baseball bat update

As we have noted during the past year, Little League updated it’s bat standards for the upcoming 2018 season. All previously approved Little League bats are obsolete – players must use bats from the new bat list at Little League’s website or via the USA Baseball bat list. Locally, West Coast Sports, Sports Basement and Dick’s Sporting Goods should all be carrying new bats. Each team in our league will be carrying a minimum of 2 new bats for use by players – players are NOT required to purchase their own bat and may use a team bat in the Spring. Many players do purchase their own bat, please double check when purchasing that you are buying a USA Baseball approved bat from the links below.

Current Little League bat rules

USA Bat approved bat list

Dick’s Sporting Goods blog post

General Membership meeting October 3

Our General Membership meeting is Tuesday, October 3rd 7pm at the Chabot Elementary School multi-purpose room. Please join us to review our league Constitution and elect our board for the 2017-2018 year.

Little League Age change reminder

Little League Age change charts

In 2014, Little League passed an age cutoff change moving the yearly age cutoff from April 30 to August 31. Implementation was immediate for anyone born 2006 or later.
Kids born 2004 and earlier change in 2018. Kids born in 2005 change in 2019. At the link above you can view the charts for where a player will and in the coming two years. The impact for some of our older players is that they will be 2 years older by LL age cutoff in 2018, than they were in 2017, this affects some of the players who were in Majors, Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors in Spring 2017.

Players who will most be affected in 2018:
Majors players (2017 age 12) we count 16 LL-12s who will jump straight to 14, meaning they skip Intermediate.
Intermediate players (2017 age 12 and 13) Several kids will jump straight to Seniors
Juniors players (2017 age 13 and 14) Some players will only have one year of Seniors. Some will lose their 14yr old year and jump directly to Seniors
Seniors players (2017 age 14 thru 16) Several kids who were 15 last year are now 17 and age out of LL. Several who were 14 last year are now 16 and on their final year.